About Us

Our Mission

To promote orderly development of scientific knowledge necessary to effectively
contribute to billfish policy development for conservation in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.


  1. To act as an organized group of individuals concerned with the sustainability of billfish resources with the purpose of securing funding for billfish conservation
  2. To develop and implement an active fund raising plan for the purpose of
    supporting billfish research at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science of the University of Miami.
  3. To promote billfish scientific discovery in support of conservation actions by
    advocacy groups, institutions and individuals.
  4. To serve as a think tank of billfish research findings that are important for policy development, resource management and conservation.

Defining the Association’s Development of Billfish Scientific Research Funding in Support of Billfish Resources Management

  1. The Association, acting through the Board of Directors, shall develop and adopt billfish scientific research fund raising strategies concomitant with the needs of specific scientific knowledge necessary to support better billfish policy development and management.
  2. Scientific research activities shall provide the information base required for billfish policy development. The Board’s actions will be based on professional principles and supported by scientific standards and the experience and expertise of practicing billfish fishery scientists, including the support of the sport fishing tourism industry.