Sailfish Feeding Dynamics

Courtesy of 36North

The knowledge of the feeding behavior in Sailfish is paramount in the understanding of Sailfish population dynamics because the need to find food defines the behavior of the species. The feeding dynamics of sailfish in the Central American Pacific have yet to be scientifically analyzed. The answers to questions regarding how, when, and where these fish obtain prey and their interaction with other feeding individuals during predation events are of extreme value to scientists and fishery managers. To answer these questions we must analyze aspects of actual feeding events. The goal of our research effort is to obtain the data necessary to model the feeding dynamics of Sailfish.

Data To Be Collected:

Baitball Film Analysis

  1. Kinematics of feeding with trajectories (Mathematical Analysis)
  2. Individual behavior relative to other sailfish
  3. Color changes and sail usage
  4. Density dependence estimations

Bait Balling Sailfish from 36North on Vimeo.


Tagging Studies:

  1. Accelerometry of feeding events
  2. Migration to find prey (spatial and temporal)
  3. Environmental interactions affecting prey distribution

Desert Star SeaTag-MOD

36North photography courtesy of Marc Montocchio,