Satellite Tagging Program

Billfish Tagging Project Goals

  • Long-term and Seasonal Migration
  • Habitat use
  • Feeding behavior
  • Environmental preferences

Data to be collected with SeaTag-MOD

  • Daily/hourly location for habitat utilization studies
  • Fish acceleration data for behavior studies on feeding and “Baitballing”
  • Depth and Temperature measurements
  • Dissolved Oxygen measurements

Desert Star’s SeaTag-MOD satellite tag

A tagging program has been developed for deployment in Guatemala and Costa Rica beginning in spring 2012 in honor of legendary sportfisherman Captain Ron Hamlin. This program will be the first to incorporate accelerometry readings for determination of feeding, and will also pioneer research in long term migration (up to a year) with the aid of the Seatag-MOD’s solar recharging capability. The SeaTag-MOD provides the benefit of cost efficiency with a cost of $1550 compared to $3800 with traditional satellite tags. The new technology applied to these tags calculates location through geomagnetic geolocation like that used by the US Navy and includes a 3-axis accelerometer!

 Picture of the first batch of 20 tags ordered from Desert Star

More Information on our tagging program, Captain Ron Hamlin, and how to contribute can be found in the link below.

Ron Hamlin Tagging Brochure